A guide to Tunisian ecolodges and guesthouses

Published : 13-08-2021

Looking for accommodation to discover little-known places and other facets of Tunisia? This guide, the result of a partnership between the Tourist Office and MCM, lists all the approved ecolodges and guesthouses.

And if the end of the crisis was the opportunity to rediscover Tunisia in “slow tourism” mode?
Relax between fields and forests, facing the blue sea or incredible mountain landscapes.
Discover the unusual Sahara, the one of the oases, the “ksour” and the troglodyte villages.
Live at the rhythm of the traditional life in the heart of the medinas with an unequalled charm.
It is certainly by staying in a guesthouse or an ecolodge that you can best enjoy all the unknown facets of Tunisia.
These establishments are numerous and all different. Nearly a hundred of them have been approved by the Tourist Office.
MCM, the company that publishes the portal tunisiatourism.info, has just produced a guide in partnership with the Tunisian National Tourist Office to promote these accommodations.
This bilingual guide (French-English) will be distributed in particular on tourist fairs.
All the approved establishments are listed by region, from the northern coast to the southern Sahara through the medinas and small villages.
Complementary to the guide, the online directory of tunisiatourism.info offers interested people additional information and direct links for booking.

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