Large open spaces, a friendly atmosphere, living traditions, prestigious monuments, great facilities and infrastructure: Tunisia is a top choice for congresses and incentives. It boasts a wide range of meeting facilities, numerous possibilities for original programmes near to meeting facilities and accommodation as well as palaces and charming hotels or guesthouses for an exceptional stay.

10 reasons to choose Tunisia

There are at least 10 good reasons for choosing Tunisia for a conference or incentive programme.

1 A country at the heart of the Mediterranean

Tunisia is close to all the principal European capitals, to which it is linked by numerous airlines. In addition to a less tiring journey and savings in the cost of transport, Tunisia is the only destination that can offer short events a setting as different as say, for example, the Sahara.

Flight times from selected capitals:
Tunis-Roma 1h

Tunis-Barcelona 1h50

Tunis-Madrid 2h15

Tunis-Paris 2h10

Tunis-Frankfurt 2h30

Tunis-Brussels 2h40

Tunis-London 2h50

Tunis-Cairo 3h05

Tunis-Copenhagen 3h30

Tunis-Algiers 1h10

2 A great cultural and historic wealth 

The history of Tunisia is a long swing between Africa, the Orient and the West. Carthage’s heir has preserved the traces of its many influences through countless monuments and sites, some of which also serve as sumptuous meeting venues: the Roman amphitheatre at El Djem, the fort at Hammamet… Seven Tunisian sites and monuments have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO for their cultural value.

Read more about Tunisian World Heritage Sites.

3 An astonishing variety of landscapes

From the Mediterranean north to the Saharan south, Tunisia boasts an exceptionally varied climate and contrasting landscape within a small distance from each other. Just a few hundred kilometres separate the forests of the north-west from the orange groves of the Cap Bon peninsula, the contrasting relief of the West from the fortified granaries of the Great South, the beaches of Djerba from the dunes of the Sahara… 

4 A modern and varied hotel infrastructure

Tunisia has some 800 classified hotels, of which 26 per cent are upper level (4 and 5 star). The hotel offer has also been boosted with the arrival of international hotel chains such as Radisson Blu (Djerba and Hammamet), Golden Tulip (Tunis), Sheraton (Tunis), Mövenpick (Gammarth, Sousse and Tunis), Novotel (Tunis), Four Seasons (Gammarth) and many others.

5 A clear improvement in meetings infrastructure

One of the significant tendencies of recent years has been the appreciable increase in the capacity of hotels’ meetings facilities. Some have veritable congress centres, as is the case with the Nour Palace in Mahdia (room with 1,100 seats), the congress centre in the Azur Complex in Hammamet or the El Mouradi Congress Center in Port El Kantaoui (room with 1,200 seats). Near 70 hotels boast a large conference room accommodating more than 400 peaple.

6 Original venues for meetings and unusual options for incentives

Why shut yourself away in a room when you can meet in a palm oasis (Sahara Lounge), an ancient cathedral (the Carthage Acropolium), a caravanserai (like the one in Sousse), a Roman amphitheatre (El Jem) or an ancient fort (the one at Hammamet)? Restored old houses, Saharan architecture, Bedouin tents, film sets… Tunisia offers numerous locations for events that combine charm with a complete change of scenery.

7 A wide choice of activities

With ten golf courses, 60 thalassotherapy centres, numerous sports facilities, the possibility of original activities (hot air ballooning, trekking, quad racing, kite surfing…) and countless excursion programmes from every town and region, Tunisia has the ingredients to make your business travel more attractive.

8 Competitive prices

Tunisia is probably one of the rare Mediterranean destinations where astonishment and originality continue to be available at a modest price.

9 Increasingly expert agencies and professionals

With the increase in congress and incentives clientele, Tunisian hotels have improved their facilities and services. The number of specialist travel agencies is increasing all the time. They are the indispensable partners for the incentive houses and congress organizers.

10 A long tradition of hospitality

A grand tradition of hospitality combined with a long experience of receiving foreign visitors: that is the assurance of being received with professionalism, those small details and the local touch which give an event charm and make it a success.

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