The principle of thalassotherapy? Use the benefits of seawater to restore your health. The warm seawater and the powdered seaweed wraps transmit to the body, via the skin, the mineral salts and trace elements it needs to stay in good health.


If you want to do a thalassotherapy treatment programme, there are at least 10 good reasons for choosing Tunisia:

  1. A long experience dating back to 1994: Tunisia is one of the reference destinations and certain centres have acquired an excellent reputation.
  2. The quality of treatments: The centres offer sophisticated equipment, highly-trained staff and a wide range of exotic massages, wraps, aesthetic treatments…
  3. The proximity: A two-hour flight and less than an hour for the transfer generally suffice to reach the centres, which are all located in easily accessible major tourist resorts.
  4. Very competitive prices: A cure in Tunisia is very competitive taking into consideration the quality of the services. This is explained by the moderate cost of salaries and hotel prices. 
  5. The safety: Tunisia has a specific legislation for thalassotherapy. This guarantees the quality of the seawater used. It also requires treatments to be supervised by a doctor.
  6. The sun: Tunisia benefits from an exceptional number of hours of sunshine and mild temperatures year round. The majority of centres are light and extensively open to the exterior with a superb view of the sea and the beach.
  7. The leisure offer: The cures easily combine with a holiday in the true sense. Choose from: walks, shopping, visits to monuments, relaxing pastimes in the hotel and its surroundings, golf, restaurants, excursions… The Saharan regions are only a few hours away from the majority of resorts.
  8. The quality of the setting: The centres are decorated with great care to offer a charming setting. Solariums, swimming pools, relaxation areas are conceived to combine health with comfort and pleasure. Certain centres have luxury cabins or VIP areas for energizing treatments and multisensory rituals.
  9. The quality of the reception: The smile and kind nature of the staff provide the reassurance and sense of security that are all important to curists.
  10. The Tunisian touch: There's a special pleasure to be taken from a thalassotherapy in Tunisia thanks to the countless tiny details which are a part of the country’s tradition, such as that special touch when dispensing massages, the decoration inspired in traditional houses and ancient spas, the sumptuous hammams and, in some centres, the treatments inspired in local culture: Oriental massage, wrap of traditional perfumed clay…

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