Tunisian hotels: for a safe reopening

Published : 28-04-2020
A protocol establishing new health regulations for hotels has just been prepared by Tunisian tourism authorities and submitted to professionals before final adoption.

Indeed, it is clear to everyone that the hotels’ reopening can be achieved only under perfectly safe hygienic conditions in the context of the Covid-19 crisis. 
The summer season, which is about to begin, should allow tourists who will come to Tunisia to enjoy a relaxed and carefree holiday, and the hotels’ employees to return to work without fear for their health.
During this crisis, hotels and travel agencies have successfully dealt with several challenges. They managed without any problem the repatriation of their clients in March, as well as the return of Tunisians abroad and their isolation.
The new protocol includes 268 health regulations divided into 14 chapters. It will be discussed and finalized during a conciliation meeting with hotel keepers on Thursday, April 30th.

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