Snow and mountains in the Tunisian North-West

Published : 13-02-2019

High peaks and snow-covered landscapes of the North-West… a unique and spectacular Tunisia.

Did you know that Tunisia is also a country of mountains? Indeed, the Tunisian Dorsal, which is a continuation of the Atlas mountain range, crosses the country.

In the Tunisian West, many mountains exceed 1,000 metres: jebel Bargou (1,266 m), jebel Kesra (1,174 m), jebel Serj (1,357 m)… Further in the south, jebel Mghila (1,370 m), jebel Selloum (1,373 m), jebel Semmama (1,314 m)… and above all jebel Chambi, Tunisia’s highest peak (1,544 m).

The northwest mountainous areas include highlands, small mountain villages like Kesra, impressive hills surrounded by steep cliffs like Jugurtha’s Table. A paradise for hiking and outdoor activities.

The region receives sometimes a heavy snow cover in winter.
Then the snowy plains, peaks and cliffs form an unusual and gorgeous scenery.

Near El Kef

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Jugurtha’s Table

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