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When Tunisia was a CHRISTIAN LAND

Published : 18-04-2020
TunisiaTourismTV – A land of spirituality, Tunisia is the cradle of Islam in the Muslim West.
Before that, it was the cradle of Western Latin Christianity.
In the 2nd century AD, the largest Western Christian community in the Roman empire lived in today’s Tunisia.
It’s in Africa, the province of Carthage, that Augustine of Hippo, one of the Church Fathers, was born and lived.
Three popes of Ancient times were natives of Africa: Victor I, Miltiades and Gelasius I.
Christian symbols and biblical subjects were depicted on mosaics and terracotta tiles.

The huge church Damous El Karita in Carthage had 11 naves and 11 bays.
Next to it was an underground rotunda, maybe a saint’s mausoleum.
Many remains of ancient churches can be seen in Western Tunisia.

On the site of Sbeitla lies a beautiful mosaic-lined baptismal font.
Other baptismal fonts are on display in archaeological museums.
Large Christian communities were still living in Tunisia three centuries after the Muslim conquest.

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