Ellès: dolmens in the Tunisian West

Published : 10-02-2018

Dive into a little known history of Tunisia: the one of its former inhabitants, the Numidians. In Ellès, in the region of Kef, they left dozens of dolmens (or megaliths) of impressive dimensions : up to 15 meters long!

Ellès is a small village in western Tunisia located between the city of Kef and the archaeological site of Makthar. It is actually in the heart of a vast city of the dead. There are 71 megalithic tombs scattered over 8 hectares, some of which are well preserved. These were collective tombs that gathered the burials of many dead.

The dolmens of Elles are particularly sophisticated: they usually include a central corridor surrounded by seven mortuary chambers and areas to celebrate funeral rites. Each of the rooms was used several times.

This exceptional ensemble was presented by Tunisia in 2016 for inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List, along with other pre-Roman tombs and mausoleums such as the Numidian mausoleum of Dougga.

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