Beni M’tir, a village like no other

Published : 01-05-2022
A relaxing stopover in the middle of the forest of Aïn Draham, in the North-West.

In Beni M’tir, you will be greeted by the smell of smoke from the chimneys and by a flight of pigeons falling on the large square lined with red tile awnings. All around, green meadows and dark oak forests
Are we in a European countryside? No, but in a small Tunisian village with a singular history.
Here, no vaults, no patios, no roof terraces! But a few beautiful houses clinging to the mountainside, larger cottages for local administrations, an old church transformed into a kindergarten, a mosque… all covered in tile roofs. And in accordance with a municipal decree, all the doors, shutters and other woodwork are painted in black with red highlights.

If this village has such an unusual appearance in Tunisia, it is because it was created from scratch in the 1940s by the French Protectorate to house the staff of the construction of a hydraulic dam.
Today, in fact, it overlooks a large dam lake, one of the oldest of the 32 Tunisian dams that provide the various regions with a regular water supply.
For the mountainous massif of Khoumirie is the most watered region of Tunisia. This makes it one of the most beautiful destinations for hiking: it is covered by a huge forest of cork oaks and Zen oaks.
Between forest and dam lake, Beni M’tir is an exceptional site for a stay in the middle of nature.

To see: the waterfall of Beni M’tir
A real landscape of tropical forest! (to be visited in winter or in spring because it is dried up in summer).

Many circuits through the forest. You will cross streams (in winter!) and observe the different varieties of oaks or the heather (shrub) whose wood is used to make pipes.

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Where to stay? 
Outdoors Beni M’tir: A camp-site at the edge of the lake. If you want a little comfort, choose the wooden huts on stilts or the cottages for groups. Royal breakfast composed of local products.

Hôtel des Chênes - This small historic hotel is currently being renovated and is scheduled to reopen soon. Founded in 1907 and abandoned for many years, it is located halfway between Beni M’tir and Aïn Draham.
The Hôtel des Chênes in a snowy landscape in 2019:

Several hotels in Aïn Draham (16 km from Beni M’tir).
Plan L Concept: Youth hostel in Beni M’tir (currently closed). 

Beni M’tir has the hottest thermal spring in Tunisia: 73°C. A spa will open soon in the form of a village of 80 cottages.

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