A hike along the Oued Ezzen

Published : 13-12-2019

In the mountains of Kroumirie, a hiking circuit dotted with cascades in the heart of a thick forest.

The backcountry of Tabarka, at the extreme North-West of Tunisia, is a region of low mountains culminating at 1,000 meters. This large area is covered by a thick forest of pines and oaks, mostly cork oaks.

An amazing land for nature lovers, where you can walk for whole days in an unspoilt forest.
Named Kroumirie, it is, indeed, the most well-watered region in Tunisia.

There you can find the reservoir of Beni Mtir built in the 1950’s.
The Oued Ezzen area is a National Park since 2010.

Hike: forest, cascades and mushrooms

Not far from the reservoir of Beni Mtir, the hiking circuit of Oued Ezzen takes place in a humid undergrowth. Moss and mushrooms grow along the way.
In several places, you will meet the Oued (river) which sometimes flows in small cascades.
Starting point of the hike: 36.824926, 8.835539 (meeting point: the village of Tbainia near Beni Mtir).

Level: easy. Distance: about 10 km.
This hike is proposed by Ala, native son of the region, who will be pleased to go with you (tel: +216 25 739 142).

A: starting point

B: Oak forest

C: clearing

D: The Oued Ezzen

E: cascade

F: pine forest

G: point of view

H: At the edge of the forest

Photos © MCM / Imed Dhaouadi

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