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The site of BULLA REGIA

Published : 27-02-2020
TunisiaTourismTV – People in the ancient city of Bulla Regia lived partly underground; the houses had basement rooms which were used to escape the summer heat.
Above and below ground, the most luxurious houses had patios, columns, mosaics and carved capitals. Some had private baths.
Bulla Regia (Royal Bulla) had been a capital of the Numidian kings before it became Roman in the 1st century B.C.
Among the most striking monuments, the Baths, called after Julia Memmia, a consul’s daughter, are particularly imposing. The Roman Theatre is fairly well preserved.
With its magnificent monuments, its mosaics still where they were laid down, and its underground rooms that had no equal in the ancient world, Bulla Regis is one of Tunisia’s most impressive archaeological sites.


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