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Market atmosphere

Published : 05-12-2018

TunisiaTourismTV - Our programme “Mouch Normal!” is taking you to the market! The marketplaces of Tunisia offer you an abundance of colours and flavours. Enormous and artistically arranged stacks of fruit and vegetables, tempting fish and seafood stalls… Many towns have a beautiful indoor marketplace with well-furnished displays.

You will be amazed, not only by the sight but also by the noise: the marketplaces echo the voices of the salesmen screaming to seek attention. Their screams are sometimes unusual, or funny!

English subtitles available

The Central Market in Tunis

The biggest indoor marketplace is the Central Market in Tunis which has four large pavilions. The stalls are very impressive. It’s definitely one of the most picturesque places in Tunis.

“Mouch Normal”, what does it mean? See the presentation of the series: 


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