Tunisia, the rally season

Published : 21-11-2021

Three car/motorcycle rallies have just taken place in the Tunisian Sahara, the 205 Africa Raid, El Chott Rally of Tunisia and Tunisia Desert Challenge. Waiting for other challenges.

The Tunisia Desert Challenge has just ended on November 13 after 8 days of racing through the Tunisian Sahara.
Eight stages including 2400 km of sand and dunes, with many loops in the desert, nights in bivouac and a peak to Lake Erreched in the heart of the Grand Erg.
This large-scale event brought together 450 participants from 24 countries, between cars, motorcycles, quads and trucks.
The Belgian organizers, who since 2008 have crisscrossed the deserts of Libya and Tunisia, were back this year after several editions in southern Morocco.
They are already announcing the holding of a new Tunisia Desert Challenge in 2022.

Previously, it was the 205 Africa Raid that joined Tozeur to Matmata through the dunes of Nefta, Douz and Ksar Ghilane.
Organized by former participants of the Paris-Dakar, this “race-promenade” brought together a hundred apprentice drivers and nostalgic for the 205 Peugeot, a car that was very popular in France in the 1980s.
Another rally, El Chott Rally of Tunisia, was also held this fall and celebrated its 40th anniversary.
Other raids and competitions are scheduled for this year in the Tunisian Sahara, including the Fenix Rally (March 2022) which, last March, brought together a hundred crews

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