Street art and medinas

Published : 30-07-2018

You think street art is made only for large modern cities? Yet, in Tunisia, it goes along perfectly with the traditional architecture of medinas and villages…

The movement started in 2014 in the heart of the island of Djerba, in the small village of Erriadh famous for its several thousand years-old synagogue. There is where 150 artists from all around the world gathered. They proved that graffiti and urban art murals could perfectly go along with the small white houses, the domes and the traditional arcades of Tunisia’s cities. That is how they created “Djerbahood”, an ephemeral museum of street art.
Today, multiple cities across the country are catching up with street art: Sidi Bou Said, El Kef, Mahdia, Houmt-Souk…

Street art in El Kef

Street art in Mahdia


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