Covid-19 and the opening of borders

Published : 02-07-2020

Reopening of Tunisia's borders after the first wave of Covid-19 began on June 27.

Last update: 25/08/2020

In order to preserve Tunisia’s excellent record in the face of the pandemic (only 71 dead and 1,363 cases active on August 25, also read: Tunisia and Covid-19), differentiated measures are applied depending on the country of residence of travelers.

The Ministry of Health regularly publishes the list of countries divided into three categories

 (last update: August 19).

For all travelers, it will be necessary to present a negative PCR test (except for children under 12).

The test must be carried out less than 72 hours before the date of first boarding (and less than 120 hours before the time of arrival on Tunisian soil).

NB: these provisions are not valid for travelers on charter flights.

For the least affected countries (green list), there are no other specific measures for entry into the country.
 The test is compulsory starting from August 26.

For the countries on the orange list, it will be necessary to respect a 14 day self-isolation at home in order to preserve the local population.
 Package travelers staying at the hotel will only be able to leave for supervised excursions

The 14-day period may be shortened provided that a second negative PCR test is carried out between the fifth and the seventh day.

The neighboring countries of Tunisia are the subject of bilateral conventions.

For all other countries (red), only Tunisian citizens (or people with their usual residence in Tunisia) can enter by presenting a negative PCR test and respecting a 14 day self-isolation (7 days in an isolation center and 7 days at home).

In addition, a medical questionnaire to be completed on site or available online is provided by the carriers.

Remember that all Tunisian hotels currently open apply the Ready & Safe health protocol to ensure the safety of their customers: improved hygiene, elimination of self-service in restaurants, masks for hotel staff etc.

More details: Tunisia and Covid-19

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