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Published : 07-03-2018

TunisiaTourismTV - “It’s the most beautiful hotel in Djerba, if not in Tunisia… A magnificent establishment.” … “An experience that we look back on.” … “A week at the Hasdrubal Prestige is purely and simply a dream, even in this season in November… A pure delight… With peace and quiet…”

Who is better suited than the clients of the Hasdrubal Prestige Djerba to describe the sensations that seize you right from the lobby of that magnificent hotel? Those comments, left on Tripadvisor, would surely please its creator and owner, Mohamed Amouri. For him, building hotels is making others dream, but it is most of all making yourself dream.

At the Hasdrubal Prestige, everything contributes to make this dream come true: the muffled atmosphere, the outstanding architecture, the luxurious winter garden, the staff’s behavior… The thalasso center is as beautiful as huge, suites and restaurants are adorned with painting masterpieces.

But if this hotel deserves its name, it might be firstly for the amazing calm that prevails here. A calm that makes every guest someone special.

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