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The city of NABEUL

Published : 27-12-2019

TunisiaTourismTVThe Cape Bon peninsula is an agricultural region close to Sicilia, renowned for its orchards, its orange groves, its fine sand beaches and its gentle hilly landscapes.

The capital of this area is the city of Nabeul.

Neighboring the famous tourist resort of Hammamet, easy-going and medium-sized, Nabeul has its own charm.

It is the heir of a big ancient city partly sunk under the sea, Neapolis. An archaeological site and a museum trace its history.

Nabeul’s artisans have numerous specialties: pottery, rush weaving, wrought iron, embroidery…

The Centre des Traditions et des Métiers d’Art (Centre for Traditions and Crafts) gathers many workshops. It is adjacent to the Design Hub were artisans and young designers meet.

All the more reason to visit Nabeul or stay in one of its beautiful holiday resorts.

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