A shop in Nabeul

Published : 02-09-2020

Fadhel Kerkeni’s shop would go almost unnoticed in the Nabeul souk, between the countless shops selling fancy jebbas, baskets and leather slippers. Framed by a magnificent jasmine, it specializes in Amazigh-inspired silver jewelry.

Pendants or earrings, Berber crosses or animals, simple chiseled silver or coral inlays… you can find there everything that your heart desires.

No need to haggle: prices are non-negotiable, but fair.

But what makes the store so interesting is also the incredible junk of antique objects, the owner of which will be happy to explain to you the use and origin.

For example, you will learn the different forms of ancient pottery typical of Nabeul (yellow with green designs) whether intended to contain olives, sugar or butter.

Passed down from father to son for three generations, the store bears the name ‘Patrimoine’ (‘heritage’, from ‘pater’, father in Latin) in homage to its founder.

Address: 148 avenue Farhat Hached (the souk street), medina of Nabeul.

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