Apps to visit Tunisia

Published : 21-07-2022
Enrich your visiting experience with these free applications. Already available for Tunis, Djerba, Mahdia and the Dahar (South-East region), they offer a wealth of information and suggestions for visits and activities.

Looking for ideas for a weekend in Tunis? An original museum to visit? Bicycles to rent? A show to discover the local cultural life? A stall to try the Tunisian street-food? Or a bar to go out at night? 
These suggestions and many others can be found on the app “Tunis-Carthage City Guide”. This mini-guide, downloadable for free, can be carried in your pocket and consulted offline throughout your stay.
In the heart of the Tunis-Carthage region, the old town is a world of its own: that’s why the medina has its own app, “Tunis Medina Guide”. The old quarters are full of extraordinary places such as old palaces, traditional restaurants, sanctuaries or craftsmen’s workshops. Architectural and historical wonders are hidden in the labyrinth of alleys, but also trendy places that deserve to be discovered. 

Tunisia in your pocket

Tunisia is developing a series of tourist applications by region. Thanks to the latest in the series, “Mahdia Guide”, you will better enjoy Mahdia, former Fatimid capital and coastal city with unique charm.
The app “Djerba 360°” presents all the facets of the island of Djerba, and more particularly the offers of its many providers (sports activities, guest houses, craftsmen, spas). “Zaghouan Guide” allows you to explore the green region of Mount Zaghouan, with its rich historical heritage, located near Tunis and not far from Hammamet.
These applications are developed by the Swisscontact foundation with regional providers, and with the support of the European Union and the German cooperation. 

Swisscontact Tunisia had also launched an app for the “Destination Dahar” (mountainous and desert region surrounding Medenine and Tataouine, in southern Tunisia) along with a guide to the region and a hiking tour. On this vast territory, indeed, the centers of interest are numerous. A real treasure hunt to discover troglodyte architectures, geological curiosities, traditional oil presses and folk festivals!
No excuse to miss out on original experiences thanks to these interactive and customizable guides. 

Available for free on AppStore and GooglePlay (in French and English).

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