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Tunisia and Covid-19

Published : 01-05-2020


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Tunisian hotels: for a safe reopening

Published : 28-04-2020

A protocol establishing new health regulations for hotels has just been prepared by Tunisian tourism authorities and submitted to professionals before final adoption.Indeed, it...

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Carthage’s constitution – one of the best in the classical world!

Published : 22-03-2020

In the opinion of the philosopher Aristotle, Carthage’s constitution was among the best three in the world. Did you know that? The great Greek philosopher...

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Who were the ‘Turkish’ corsairs of Tunisia?

Published : 11-03-2020

The Barbarossa brothers, Dragut and Eulj Ali – all of them privateers who once played a major part in bringing Tunisia into the Ottoman Empire. And yet…they were not Turkish...

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